Multi Device Extension Guidelines

This guide is intended for customer using the new platform only. The legacy platform does not allow multi-device extensions.

To help keep you connected ActivePBX users get multiple devices PER EXTENSION which include (max 5 unique total):

1 Physical IP Deskphone
1 Physical IP Deskphone at a remote location (like a home office or 2nd office location)
1 License of ActiveDial Desktop
1 License of ActiveDial Mobile
1 License of ActiveDial Web Phone

The following uses are not permitted:

- Multiple Physical IP Deskphones at the same location using the same extension/user

- Multiple installations of ActiveDial Desktop or Mobile for the same extension/user

- Additional devices of a User Extension being used for alternate purposes like a waiting room, conference room, lobby, etc. These are considered independent extension numbers. They are billed as courtesy extensions of your choice and are at a lower charge than a standard extension. These need to be approved by our sales team. For details on courtesy extensions please click HERE. 

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