Integrate ActivePBX with Zoho CRM Natively

If you do not have an ActivePBX account, please contact our Sales team at: (866) 330-4678.

Please note this integration is only available for customers on the new platform on PRO or ENT plan tiers. To view our new plans click HERE.

Make sure you have admin read/write permissions on Zoho to link the CRM with ActivePBX

Setup ActivePBX Integration

  1. Authorize ActivePBX
  2. Associate ActivePBX users with Zoho CRM Users

Step 1: Authorize ActivePBX

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Now click on the "Zoho Integration" link on the left sidebar. If missing, please contact our support team to enable it.
  3. Next click the green "Validate Credentials" button.

  4. Then login to your Zoho CRM account with your Zoho admin user's credentials.

  5. Please click the red "Accept" button.

Step 2: Associate ActivePBX users with Zoho CRM Users

  1. Now we will pull your Zoho CRM users. Click the blue "Pull Zoho Users" button at the top right.

  2. Next we will associate your Zoho CRM users with their extensions on the ActivePBX platform. Click the blue "Edit" button.

  3. Then you will click "Yes" to enable the integration status. Click the drop down menu and select the matching extension to the Zoho user your are pairing.

  4. Now click the blue "Add" button.

  5. Finally click the grey "Close" button.


The Zoho PhoneBridge feature connects the PBX system and the Zoho CRM system that holds all the important details of Zoho leads and customers. With this feature, Zoho CRM offers a platform to manage incoming and outgoing calls. Not just that, it reminds you of the calls that are scheduled and also identifies the caller and matches the details with the customer's record in ZohoCRM.

Once you integrate ActivePBX with Zoho CRM, you can do the following:

  •  See a business card view of the contact in ZohoCRM, whenever calls are received/made via ActivePBX from ZohoCRM.

  • The calls made, received, and missed in ZohoCRM via ActivePBX will be automatically logged in the Activities module of your CRM account.

  • After every call, create follow-up calls, tasks, notes, and events as required.





  • ZohoCRM does NOT allow multiple devices, only the primary phone.
  • ZohoCRM integration will NOT work if simultaneous ring is enabled.
  • Make sure that simultaneous ring is disabled on your user's account on the PBX. 
  • Only the primary device assigned to each user will be granted access to the phonebridge if you have multiple devices.
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