What is Porting? Porting gives consumers the ability to change phone service providers while keeping their current phone number. It’s an excellent process for consumers who’ve had their number for a long time and don’t wish to deal with the hassle of getting a new one.

It is very important you know what to expect when porting numbers so you can plan your time accordingly. So if you are planning on porting numbers from another carrier, please read carefully. 

1. Porting is initiated by you (the customer). It is done through our billing portal ( 

2. You must be fully onboarded by our team and have your account setup before proceeding to take this step. If you are a new customer and are under the guidance of one of our onboarding specialists, they will confirm when you are ready to port. If you are an existing customer, already onboarded, you can submit it at any time.

3. There is a $25 porting fee (one time) per number you request to port. Charges will take place even if the number is unavailable.

4. Porting may range from 3 to 14 business days or more depending on your losing carrier.  If you have a contract with the losing carrier which will expire soon, please advise your onboarding specialist with enough time to make sure our porting department prepares before your contract expires.

5. The information we receive from you should match the one on the account for the losing carrier/s.

6. The losing carrier's account must be active and in good standing.

Losing Carrier: The carrier from where you are porting the numbers from.


Initiating the port request

1. To initiate your porting request, go to the billing portal and log in with your email.

Note: To use the billing portal, you must be an authorized user. Contact support if you need information on how to access this portal.

2. Click on port numbers, and fill out the information pertaining to the losing carrier. Please make sure to upload the most recent invoice from your losing carrier as well as sign the electronic LOA which will be sent to your email once you submit the request.

Note: Filling out that section is considered a port request, also know as LOA (Letter of Authorization).

3. Please confirm the type of number you will port to your onboarding specialist/porting specialist (if applicable). 

- Local or Toll Free Numbers: These numbers are considered voice numbers to be used for voice conversations.
- Fax Numbers: A fax number that is connected to a physical fax machine. This fax service requires a fax ATA adaptor.
- eFax/Virtual Fax/Paperless Fax: a fax number/service that is used via email only. NO physical fax machine or adaptor is necessary.

4. If you are porting multiple numbers from different carriers make sure to fill out the LOA form separately. Example: Fill out a form pertaining to only the numbers from Comcast, submit the order request. Then follow the same steps for the numbers belonging to AT&T and submit another request, and so on.

5. If you are porting Toll Free numbers, make sure to also submit it separately.

6. Immediately upon submitting the port request/s you will be emailed the LOA form and it must be signed electronically.

7. Our porting team will receive the request and follow up with you to keep you informed of the updates while the process takes place. During this time you will receive updates, corrections (if necessary), and the FOC date (porting installation date).

8. Someone from support or your onboarding specialist will contact you before the FOC date so that we can confirm the routing of the number. Please make sure to have this information ready.

Note: If you are still under onboarding, please make sure to confirm to your agent where all your numbers are to be routed prior to the FOC date.

FOC (Firm Order Commitment): Target date for the number to port over.  This is the actual date  the number should port.

Additional Information

1. If you are in the process of onboarding:

- If you are bringing your own VOIP phones: It is important that these phones be installed prior to the porting completion date. However, please note that since you will need to switch over these phones from the losing carrier to ActivePBX you will not receive calls from the losing carrier as soon as you switch over. However, we can provide you with temporary number/s during this process. That way you can still receive calls even though your port is not yet completed. Also, you can request a call forward from your losing carrier to ActivePBX with the temporary number/s. Example: Forward main number from Comcast to temporary number which point to your phones on ActivePBX.

- If you are buying new ActivePBX phones: We will provision the phones for you, so that once you receive them, you simply plug them into the internet and they will already be assigned to the new extensions. We can still provide you with temporary number/s if requested to receive calls from your losing carrier while the port takes place. Please make sure to inform your onboarding specialist should you need this option.


If you have additional questions regarding porting please contact our porting department at 786-718-1820 option 3.


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