On-Demand Call Recording

This feature is available for accounts under the new platform under any of our new plans. For more information please contact your account admin, or our support team.


On- Demand call recording means that calls will only be recorded when the user manually enables the option while on the active call. This feature is accessible through the user’s control panel under any user scope. The control panel is


In order for the On- Demand call recording feature to work, make sure your user does not have automatic call recordings enabled.


Automatic call recording is only available on our newer plans (Professional and Enterprise) and must be enabled manually (it is not automatically enabled).


If automatic call recording has been enabled for the user all calls are being recorded already and there won’t be need for this feature. This feature is only for when your phone/user doesn’t have that feature enabled and wants to record a specific call on the spot. 


Please also note that you must have access to the control panel using any user scope. The view from the example below is from office manager user scope, but this option is also available for basic users, or call center agent scopes.


This feature allows you to record a call via the control panel ( When a call is active, you will see a pop up with the live call, inside the pop up there will be a red circle widget shown on the image below:



From the pop up click on the red widget to start recording, to pause the recording press it again. Example shown below.




Once the call is completed, allow a few minutes for the server to process the audio file. To listen to the recording, go to your call history tab located on the same portal. From the call history tab, you can filter out the calls you wish to locate. Then click on the listen button to listen to your call. You may also download the audio file and store in your computer.


NOTE: Call recordings cannot be deleted, they will be stored for 1 year on the account. Your admin can customize how long you can store all call recordings for if less than 1 year, however this will apply for all users not per user.


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