SonicWall Firewall

"UPDATE" Currently, our system is compatible with the Sonic Wall. Even though most of our devices on the Sonic Wall register, we do see problems with some customers on getting inbound calls or transferring calls


  • Firmware v5.8.12 or lower, Disable SIP ALG
  • Comments: Firmware v5.8.13 and higher contain a bug that causes issues with incoming calls. We recommend customers set enable 'Consistent NAT' (check the box) and disable 'SIP Transformations' (uncheck the box). Ensure that the MTU is set correctly for your ISP.

- Sonicwall TZ 200
- Disable SIP Transformation
- Enable consistent Nat
- Set UDP timeout to 600
- Sonicwall TZ 170 Not Fully Compatible

Depending on your current platform, check the following settings:


  • Service: Any
    Source: WAN, Address Range
    Source: WAN, Address Range
  • Source: WAN, Address Range
  • Source: WAN, Address Range
  • Destination: LAN, Address Range * to *
    Comment: ActivePBX Servers
  • Create a firewall group called ActivePBX create a Firewall rule with our Ip’s -
  • Make sure the rule is WAN to LAN
  • Firewall settings Flood protection set TCP timeout to 60 and UDP timeout 3600
  • In the access rule on the firewall make sure you also set UDP timeout to 3600 and TCP timeout to 60
  • In Voip, turn on Consistant NAT
  • Select the Firewall Settings -> Edit LAN>WAN Rule -> Advanced
  • If there is an option for 'Allow Fragmented Packets' then please enable this option.
    TCP Connection Inactivity Timeout (minutes) to 60
    UDP Connection Inactivity Timeout (seconds) to 3600
  • Select the Firewall -> Access Rules and add a new rule with the following:
  • Action: Allow
  • Udp 5060-5099
  • Rtp 20000-27999
    Disable SipALG
    Disable UPNP

For more reference please see the screenshots attached.

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