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Basic Troubleshooting for ZohoCRM

Once a Phone Bride with Zoho has been established and tested, and if you are experiencing issues with the click to dial/pop up, please do the following:


1. Test on a different browser. If possible, test on another computer too.

2. Clear cache and cookies from your web browsers.

3. Log out and Log Back in the ZohoCRM account.

4. Make sure the user in question has their ActivePBX primary phone connected, and calls are working accordingly without the CRM.

5. Make sure the user in question is integrated accordingly ( This can only be done by the account admin through

6. Make sure the simultaneous ring is disabled (this can be done by the admin with office manager permissions). To do so, go to > Users > Select the user > Answering Rules > simultaneous ring).


7. Make a test call from the Zoho account, take note of what is happening.

8. Confirm if it’s happening to all users or only one. 

9. If the issue still continues after the steps above please contact Zoho Support at

10. If Zoho suggests the issue is coming from ActivePBX please do let us know so it can be escalated.


Should Zoho determine it's related to ActivePBX please contact our support team at or 786-718-1820 option 1.

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