Grandstream GXP2124- Message Waiting Indicator

The message waiting indicator in telephony, is a term for a calling feature that illuminates an LED on selected telephones to notify a telephone user of waiting voicemail messages.

For this type of Grandstream device, it must be turned on manually.

1. Get the IP address of the device:

a. From the phone go to config
b. Take note of the IP address, it should look something like this:

2. Login to the web server of your Grandstream phone

a. From your computer open a new web browser
b. Type in the phone's IP address and click Enter
c. Login with the following credentials:


Username: admin
Password: admin or password

 If its been already provisioned by us it will be:

Username: admin
Password: 789 or 123


3. Click on Accounts > Account 1

4. Click on SIP Settings

5. Click on Basic Settings


6. Under SUBSCRIBE for MWI change from No to Yes.

7. Click on Save and Apply



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