Yealink- Enabling Intercom Feature

The intercom feature allows you to broadcast a message by enabling the speakers of another extension. This is not a group broadcast but rather individual broadcast. Group broadcast is a feature called Multicast Paging.

To enable the intercom feature on your Yealink Phones it has to be through your phone or web interface. This is a phone feature, and should be enabled on ALL your Yealink phones in order for them to communicate with each other. 

Only certain Yealink Models have this feature available

To configure intercom features via phone user interface:


  1. Press Menu > Features > Intercom.
  2. Select Enable.


  1. Press the Save soft key to accept the change or the Back soft key to cancel.

To configure intercom features via web interface:


  1. Get the phone's IP address: From the phone click on the OK button. Write down the IP address.
  2. Login your phones IP address: From a computer, open a new browser, and type in the IP address exactly as it appears on the phone. Then click Enter. The credentials are:

- Username: admin
- Password: admin

  1. Click on Features tab
  2. Click on Intercom tab on the left side menu
  3. Under Accept Intercom select "enabled". Then click on confirm.


To setup Intercom via a DSS Key watch this video:

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