Snom PA- Provisioning


If you are on the legacy platform please contact support for additional information.

If you are on the new platform please continue reading.

PA is a public announcement speaker system. In order for you to configure this device you must already own your own speaker which is not sold through ActivePBX. However you may purchase a Snom PA through us. For more information please contact our support team.

Please be aware that in order to provision a Snom PA, you must assign it to its own paid user. It cannot be added as an additional device to an existing user. If you dont have any available users in your account please contact our support team to purchase a new one.

If you already own your own speaker and the Snom PA follow the instructions below:


1. From your office manager portal create a manual/softphone user for the extension that will be assigned to the PA system. This should be created on your manager portal


2. Once its created click on the name of the extension from the phone’s tab in order to get to the settings for that new extension.


3. Now you have the user name and password, and outbound proxy which will be needed to provision the device (See step 10).

 4. Connect your Snom to the internet/power. Note that Port 1 Poe is for an internet connection that is Power Over Internet. Port 2, will require the Ethernet cable to be connected plus the power adapter.


5. Click on the IP/Reset button on the Snom to listen to the IP address of the device. If unable to hear it, plug in a headphone cable to the Line Out port.


6. From the computer, open a new window and type in the IP on the URL. It will take you to a page that should look like this:

Picture5.png7. On the left menu, under Setup, click on Identity 1.

8. Click on SIP


From this menu make sure the following is selected as shown below and click on Apply to save.


9. Click on the Login tab

Picture8.png10. Make sure the following is filled in. When done, click Apply to save.


  • Display Name: The name as it appears on the extension
  • Account: This will be the username provided on the office manager portal, when the manual/softphone was created under Settings.
  • Password: This will be the password provided on the office manager portal, when the manual/softphone was created under Settings. This is case sensitive.
  • Registrar: This is the Domain/Proxy name found on the office manager portal.
  • Outbound Proxy:
  • Authentication username: this is the same as user name above.
  • Mailbox: 5001




11. On the left side menu, under status click on System Information. On the right box, under SIP Identity Status you should see OK next to Identity 1 Status. This confirms the device was registered.



Also, go back to the office manager portal, and check on the user’s phone tab. You will see a black check mark next to the extension you created for the Snom.



12. The PA system is now configured/registered, and it needs to be connected to the speaker system by the IT (we do not provide that support)

 13. The Snom was assigned it’s own extension, therefore anytime that extension is dialed it will activate the PA.


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