User Scope Types

Please be aware this information is intended for the new platform only. It excludes courtesy extensions or fax ata extensions. The user scopes/ user permissions can only be changed by our Support Team. For more information please contact our support team at 786-718-1820 option 1.


The Control Panel (a.k.a manager portal or web portal) is your configuration managing portal. From this portal you have access to multiple features your phone system provides using different user scopes. Users are assigned to each paying extension. 

There is a need for different access levels within the manager portal since there is a need for information to be displayed differently for particular users depending on your plan type or business need, and therefore there are different scopes. 

Here are the different scopes types:

- Office manager: This user scope has the access to make any changes on the PBX for their own users and the rest of the users on their account. This is the highest permission available similar to what our support team can do. Changes made on this user will be reflected immediately for your whole organization. Office managers cannot reset passwords, or update emails for other office managers users. Office managers can manage what call queues a Call Center Supervisor has access to. Available for all plans.

- Basic User : This scope provides access to information for that user only as well as contacts that are in the domain that they belong to. Available for all plans.

- Call Center Supervisor: This scope provides access to all queues and agents that the user is managing. Call Center supervisors cannot manage other call center supervisors users or office managers, only Call Center Agents. Only available for enterprise plans.

- Call Center Agent: This scope has the same access level as Basic User and in addition to that they can view information for the queues they are a member of and they can login/logoff from them as well. Only available for enterprise plans.

- Advanced User: This scope provides access to information for that user only as well as contacts that are in the domain that they belong to. Only available for Tiered enterprise plans. 


For more information on Tiered Enterprise Plans, please contact our sales team at 786-718-1820 option 2.


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