Courtesy Extension Guidelines

Courtesy extensions are extensions used for common areas such as lobby, kitchen, waiting room, etc. They are meant to be for common areas only, not for an agent constantly using it, or part time employees. These extensions are to have very low usage.

They are not standard  paying users therefore they do not include the standard features included in your plan (user features vary depending on plan type). Courtesy extensions may only be added by our sales team on a case by case basis. Please contact our sales team directly at 786-718-1820 option 2 for more details.

Courtesy extensions price: $14.95 per month per user.

Courtesy Extensions includes:

- One physical device
- Receive and make calls
- Transfer calls

Courtesy extensions limitations:

- Does not include Voicemail
- Does not include Voicemail Transcription
- Does not include Call Recording
- Does not include Softphones
- Does not include Zoho PhoneBridge
- Does not include ActiveCRM 
- Does not include Channels
- Does not include Call Forwarding
- Does not include ActiveConference
- Does not include Multiple Devices per User
- Does not include Unified Inbox
- Does not include Instant Messaging
- Does not include access to the manager portal (

Please be aware that ActivePBX may audit your account at any time and should the courtesy extension be used as a standard user, the courtesy extension will be converted to a standard user and billing updates will be applied. If you have questions about your bill please contact our billing team at 786-718-1820 option 3.


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