The Phone tab will list all the device/s that are registered to your extension or the extension of the user you are managing. Each phone, or softphone is considered a device, so if you have multiple devices they will be displayed here.

The primary device is always the device without a prefix, if this device is deleted you will not be able to receive calls. Any other device with a prefix is considered a secondary device. If you want all devices to ring when someone dials the assigned extension, then the simultaneous ring option needs to be enabled on the user's answering rules section, otherwise only the primary phone will ring.

Please keep in mind that if you use click to dial feature, the call will go to your primary phone only.

This section will also allow you to enable/disable call recording on each device. This is only available on Enterprise and Professional Plans. Please check with our team if you have doubts.

Check out the attached video.

For additional help please contact our support team at or dial 611 from your work phone. You may also call 786-718-1820 option 1. 


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