Answering Rules


The Answering Rules is the feature you use to control what devices ring when receiving a call, how long they ring for, and what to do when the call goes unanswered. This can be found on on control panel ( for accounts under our newest platform.

Basic User Scopes have access to manage only their own answering rules while Office Manager User Scope/Call Center Supervisor can manage theirs and agents they have access to.

You may also add rules during a specific timeframe that wont interfere with the default rules, that would need to be used along with a Time Frame. On this section you will also block/allow numbers. For more details see the attached video.

Answering rules can be added to standard users and system users. System users are Auto Attendants, Call Queues, Conferences, or Call Parks. Only Office Manager users have access to System Users. When setting up answering rules for a specific phone number rather than a user please make sure to check how the number is routed under the Inventory section. 

For additional assistance please contact our support team at, Dial 611 from your work phone, or call 786-718-1820 option 1. 

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    Tabitha Runge

    My cell phone is in Ring all and for some reason I am not getting calls, again. 

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