Additional Features & Star Codes


**These features are meant for accounts using the newest platform**

These are additional features included in every plan at no additional charge.

- Call Park: Instead of using the hold button from your assigned device, and taking up a line on your extension, this feature allows you to place a call on hold or “park it” in the cloud. That call can then be retrieved by anyone in your organization from any phone assigned to your account.

To use it simply press *** while on a live call. The call will automatically be placed on hold for the caller, but you will hear a system automated message telling you where the call will be “parked”. A pick up code will be provided. The codes range between 701-704. You will then be able to dial the code given from any other device and the call that was “parked” will be retrieved. Also, you can provide that code to the person who needs to answer that call.

Call Forward: This feature is to place a forward from a specific extension to another, or to an external number. From the desired phone dial *72<number> after the *72 type in the number or extension number you wish to forward the calls from that extension to, then click on send or dial. The phone will now forward all calls going to that specific extension to that number. To remove this feature dial *73 from the same device. Make sure to remove the feature from the phone when ready as this is saved on the phone not the PBX.

Voicemail: To access the voicemail for your own extension dial 5001 from your assigned phone. When prompted enter your PIN/Password.

Voicemail Management: To access your voicemail from any company assigned phone, dial 5000. When prompted enter your “account number” which is your extension number, then when prompted enter your assigned PIN/Password.

Billing Portal: If you are an assigned admin go to to view your account. This dashboard has many features including access to your bill. If you wish to grant access to another user in your organization, please let me know.

Configuration Portal: There are different user scope types that have access to this portal. The control panel can allow you to manage your user account from voicemail to answering rules, and call logs, to routing of numbers, greetings, reports, etc, it depends on what user scope you have. Admins have access to grant access and make any changes. To access the portal go to If you haven’t been granted access yet, and are interested please let us know. HERE is more information in the user types.

- Star Codes: There are multiple Star Codes for different functionalities. By dialing a star code you will have a shortcut to certain functions.  Please check the attached file for further details. 

- DND (Do not Disturb): This functions is available in most phones, it allows you to silence your phone so you wont receive incoming calls and calls are sent to your voicemail instead. Please note that there are two ways of using this feature. One is from your direct phone by pressing the DND button, this will place the PHONE on DND, but if you have multiple phones it will NOT enable to function on the other phones. Two, directly from the control panel ( by going to the answering rules of the user and editing the rules to Do Not Disturb will send ALL calls to voicemail, no matter how many phones you have assigned to the same user. 

If you have any questions or concern please contact our support team at 786-718-1820 option 1, or send an email to

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