Identifying your Primary Phone

This section is intended for users on the newest platform only.

This platform allows you to use multiple devices per extension. Using multiple devices allows you to toggle between the phone you are available from, and even use it at different locations. To learn more about how many devices are allowed per user, click HERE.

When using multiple devices the system requires for the additional devices to be provisioned with a suffix letter next to the extension number for it to identify that is a secondary phone (otherwise the system won't know how to classify that this is secondary device being used). This is added by your admin or support team when provisioning the additional device. That leaves the device without the suffix as your primary device

The primary device should NEVER be deleted, otherwise it will send all calls to the user's voicemail since it requires this device in order for it to work.

Any User Scope has access to see their own phone list by going to the phone tab of their user account on the control panel.


By default the ActiveDial Mobile (m suffix) and ActiveDial Web Phone (w suffix) are added automatically by the system. All others are added manually by the support team or your account admin during the provisioning process.



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